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The Diversity of Local Asian Culture in Atlanta

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With over 100,000 Chinese Americans in Atlanta, the Asian culture is very varied. There are many great spots and areas that will fully divulge you to all the wonders of Asian culture. Though the culture is spread over all of Atlanta, it is strongest in the north east area.

Within this northeast region, just outside the perimeter, lies the China town square. This is the perfect spot for dining, shopping and socializing. With two giant lions guarding the entrance, once inside you will experience true Asian culture.

Once per year, Atlanta offers the Asian film festival. This is the largest in the US of its kind. This event doesn’t just offer the finest films Asian culture has to offer but a whole slew of entertainment as well. It will employ many Asian entertainment styles as well as plenty of authentic Asian food for the whole family to enjoy.

On one final note, if you are looking to learn more about the Asian culture, their customs, and their history, there are several Asian culture centers around the city. These will fully inform and entertain you, as well as simulate you into Asian customs. Atlanta truly is the premier place to divulge in a variety of Asian cultures.